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Pharma CME vs Medical College CME

We would like to shed light on how medical professionals perceive Continuous Medical Education (CME), and what are their preferences. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for pharmaceutical executives seeking to enhance their CME efforts.

These are our takeaways:

Independence and Objectivity

Doctors perceive that pharmaceutical laboratories focus primarily on the development and promotion of their products, which is natural.

They are well aware that Medical colleges are independent academic institutions focused on providing unbiased education. This ensures that the content of their courses remains objective, evidence-based, and comprehensive, fostering a well-rounded understanding of medical principles.

This is the main reason why College CME is very successful, and Pharma CME lags behind.

Academic Excellence and Accreditation

Medical colleges have a long-standing tradition of academic excellence, renowned for their rigorous curricula and high educational standards. Their courses are designed by expert faculty members who possess a deep understanding of medical education and curriculum development. Furthermore, these courses are accredited by recognized medical authorities, providing assurance of quality and credibility.

Expert Faculty and Real-World Experience

The faculty at medical colleges comprises highly experienced professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. These experts bring real-world experiences and a wealth of impartial knowledge to the community, enhancing their decision-making capabilities.

Ethical Considerations and Patient-Centric Approach

Medical colleges prioritize ethical considerations and promote a patient-centric approach to healthcare. Their courses instill a deep understanding of medical ethics, emphasizing the importance of patient welfare and ethical decision-making. When a Pharma Lab chooses to incorporate Medical College CME into their strategy, this focus on ethical practices ensures that pharmaceutical companies are perceived as prioritizing the well-being of patients and a high level of integrity above all else.

So, what to do?

When a Pharma Lab works in collaboration with World Leading Medical Institutions (Colleges, Hospitals, Associations etc), increases exponentially its chances of success. The perception of their medical audience changes, and therefore prefer this CME collaboration above any other Pharma-only CME.

Global Minds has been publishing CME from Medical Colleges and Institutions for over 30 years, and we are sure we can contribute to make your CME strategy a success.

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